Because of Reasons

You may have noticed recently, that my blog and posts have been a little downbeat lately.

Not to the extent of posting whiney statuses like some 19 year old emo kid, but more the fact that I felt lost and have nowhere to turn.

Think I probably lost some followers through this, but it’s not something I dwell on on a daily basis.

Anyway, basically, things have been a little uneasy lately, and last weekend I just broke down because things in and out of an internet life were just getting too much. (Definitely more out of, though)

I’m getting there, but still really delicate and fragile right now, and all I want to think about is my holiday next year to cheer me up and make me feel happy.

Thanks to everyone for sticking by me with this. I am hoping things will get better soon.
I won’t go into details with my actual problems, but it’s nice for someone to be there and genuinely care about you.


New Internet!

So, as some of you may or may not know, I am finally investing in better internet, and it should be here on Friday.

Most of you probably don’t know this, but I have never had, or used a Broadband connection.
I have always had to tether my mobile phone to my computer in order to access, upload, browse and chat.

I am hoping my investment into a Wireless Pointer will help solve my slow speed problems.

You may be wondering-

"Why doesn’t she just get home broadband? It will be a lot faster.."

Thing is, right now, I can’t.

There is no landline currently at our house, and 10 years ago, mobile broadband was either very rare, or very expensive.
Now prices have come down significantly, perhaps I have the chance of doing more online.

That, I really do hope.

It’s time to jump into the 21st Century!

Look out, world! XD